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Solar Water Heating Systems

“The strength of CHIANG MAI SOLAR lies in the fact that Chiang Mai Solar is a manufacturer rather than simply a trader! We know the product and its features better than other do. We are able to offer each customer a customized solution and service where others fail.”

To warm up the water for washing the body. And for use in the kitchen We harness the power directly from the sun. The hot water system works by circulating the water in the tank through solar heat accumulation. Well insulated system can keep water at 80 ° C for several days.

Chiang Mai Solar offers different economical solar water heating systems. Flat Panels are reliable, quick to install, almost indestructible and maintenance free; for small and medium households. Heat Pipe Absorbers are an all weather high tech solution for large scale commercial systems; self-regulating, high performance, with electronic controller and forced circulation. The Pool Heating Absorbers are especially developed for heating swimming pools and large Jacuzzis.

 The water flow through the solar water system is a separate hot water pipe from the cooling water to the hot water system. Obviously, you can find the water you need during use by installing the system. In order not to produce any problems in the process of use, maximize efficiency,

Flat Panels
The main components of solar water heating system include:

Flat Panel

Flat Panel systems receive solar energy and produce warm water for the system. Relying on the pressure, water temperature in a closed system The device itself is very robust and virtually maintenance-free with no moving parts, no electronics, no pump.

Hot Water Tanks

The hot water tank ensures that the hot water produced from the flat panel is kept at a high temperature for a period of time. A water heater and another common hot water pipe. Thank has a strong multi-layer glass packaging material. Maintain good temperature quality

Natural Circulation

The Thermosyphon Principle : Hot water is lighter than cold water and flows upwards, while cold water flows down. This “sun generator” circulates water all day long and stops when the sun go down.

Pressurized Systems

In a pressurized system the hot water storage tank is directly connected to the cold water supply. For that reason the cold and hot water pressure is always the same.

Thermosyphon Vs Forced Circulation

Flat panel systems are usually operating in the thermosyphon principle. For that it is important that the hot water storage tank is always located above.​ In case the hot water storage tank it is located below flat panels, for Heat Pipe systems a forced circulation by a PLC controlled circulation pump is always required.

Solar energy systems for hot water production are distinguished in two types as to their mode of operation: natural circulation or flow, and forced circulation.

As their names suggest, this distinction refers to the mode of flow of the heat transfer fluid used to heat the domestic water, through the respective circuit. 

In the former case, regarding the common thermosyphonic solar water heater, the heating fluid circulates by natural flow, generated due to the difference in density between the hot and the cold fluid. Hence, the hot fluid moves to the top of the tank while the cooler part moves lower towards the collectors. 

Conversely, in case of forced flow solar systems, fluid is circulated by a mechanical assist system, using circulation pumps, as the tank is located lower than the collectors.

Strong Tank

Calpak Mark4 is a hot water tanks that we use with hot water systems, made from the latest technology to create the factory’s cutting-edge production capabilities and the highest quality raw materials. Aluminium support structure for easy installation, aesthetic and durable. There are 3 main sizes depending on your warm water needs. Supports Thermosiphonic system, which maintains the value of hot water continuously. Cost-effective investment and long-term use.

Installation of circulating solar hot water systems Thermosiphonic Can be installed on the roof or if there is an architectural problem, it can be installed under the roof of the beach with only It must be examined and designed by a team of experts.

Installation on the roof
Installation under the roof

Calpak CL Hot Water Tanks for Solar Water Heating Systems circulates hot water from solar energy using forced circulation in high volumes of hot water. The pattern of hot water tanks is different from the Thermosiphonic circulation system, the size from 150 to 1000L. and three cars combined with 1 or 2 heat exchangers can be installed, complaining ground, relying on the Pump to circulate such solar hot water.

Installation of circulating solar hot water systems Thermosiphonic Can be installed on the roof or if there is an architectural problem, it can be installed under the roof of the beach with only It must be examined and designed by a team of experts.

Technical Information
  • All tanks are enamelled according to DIN 4753.
  • In each tank, the anti-corrosive protection is completed by 1 or 2 Magnesium anodes according to DIN 1243-2,2 that are installed under the top flange of the tanks, for easy access.
  • All the tanks have also a lateral flange of Ø 170 to allow easy cleaning.
  • All tank connections have female threads.
  • The insulation protection and the tank’s cover are made of PVC, they have a zip, and can be changed easily if necessary. Hard cover material can be also offered upon demand.
  • Calpak avails electric immersion heaters of 1,5–9 kW

High Quality

From a long history This allows us to understand the system and develop a high quality flat panel at a reasonable price for investment. To meet the needs of the use of warm water The fine glass base and aluminum frame are extruded to form a prism-like facelift to support as much solar energy as possible. Resulting in usability. Flat Panel is designed in various sizes. According to the needs and suitability for the installation space Solve architectural problems.

Weather variability That is affected by environmental problems Tend to be more serious Affect human life This creates the need for Solar Water Heating to be more important because the hot water produced from solar energy. It will help to fix the problem of keeping your body temperature at a balanced temperature. Moreover, the energy used for Solar Water Heating is energy generated from solar energy that is environmentally friendly. And does not create additional environmental problems.