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Solar Pump Systems

Intelligent system developed for the utilization of solar power generation. It can be used with a water pump to pump water for use in agriculture. Or at the household level Suitable for use regular pumping That by using power from electricity or fuel energy in driving the system This will be costly over long periods of time, but the sola pump system will save the associated costs where the sola pump system will be able to work all the time. When the sun started until the sun went out Which can determine the size of the water strength from the pump selection to suit the size of the pumped water delivery area. Water tank height So that the system can work with maximum efficiency.


Centrifugal pump

from the impeller rotation. The power is transferred from the electric motor, which will pump water up by the principle of Centrifugal force, the rotor rotates the energy from the electric motor. It is transferred by pushing the vane against the surrounding fluid causing a tangential flow, a centrifugal force, and a radial flow that follows.

Installing the Centrifugal pump will use space to set the pump. Connect the pipes to the water source you want to pump, and the pipes are connected to the reserve area or take advantage of the water, which can be pumped in large quantities, but should. not exceed 10 meters (from the surface). Common in the farming sector, The need for large quantities of water. A\nd the sludge of the water does not affect the operation of the pump.

A DC Submersible pump

uses a submersible ability to pump water. To the desired area. The shape is a long rod for easy installation on the water source. Suitable for underground water This is because sediment may clog up the impeller area and may adversely affect the balance of the system.

The installation of a DC Submersible pump uses the nature of submersible pump so that the pump is in direct contact with the water source. And connect pipes to bring water to the water tank or water use area


1. Solar panel Generate electricity from solar energy. Which is the work force that makes the system work.

2. Water pump for pumping water from a water source. To the water storage area or where water is needed.

3. Controller controls the electrical system and power to the pump.

4. Inverter to convert electricity for Solar pump system that uses the pump to support AC current (Alternating current) to work.

5. Water tank for storing water obtained from pump to reserve water for use during non-pump periods.


Solar pump system Water can be pumped from surface water sources and ground water such as wells, where solar panels will convert solar energy into electrical energy to supply into the system to make the pump’s motor work. Installing a solar pump system must design the system. And equipment according to the working area as possible so that the system works as efficiently as possible.

It can be designed for the solar pump system to pump water directly to the usable area. Or go to storage water tanks installed on high towers from the tower it flows to the nearby water user houses. And agricultural areas or even designed to be able to conduct electricity as well.

A set of solar pump system that pump is designed to use the electricity from the sun to work. Found more in agriculture because Will reduce agricultural costs Supports DC (Direct current) power and connects to a solar panel that has a solar cell that generates electricity from solar energy. And can be connected with Water pump controller that controls and distributes electricity to the system.

Another solar pump system for conventional water pumps that use AC (Alternating current) in operation can be adjusted to generate electricity from solar power. By installing inverter to convert electricity from DC (Direct current) and supplying electricity into the controller and pumping pump, keep working.

Currently, Thailand has a high proportion of farmers. Which relies on Solar pump systems to support agriculture Which has a high demand for water Using electricity from solar energy Will help reduce production costs and increase profits for farmers Even in the outskirts,= Popular to drill groundwater for consumption The use of this system will save electricity costs in the home, in the future, solar pump systems will play a more role in the household level. Solving the water pressure problem in the household’s water supply system requires a pump to drive the water pressurized to efficiently circulate the water system in the home. Which if it is a pump that uses electrical energy coming from solar energy. Will definitely reduce the cost of the electricity bill.