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Heat Pump Systems

If you are looking for a hot water system that can produce hot water continuously. And able to maintain a constant temperature of hot water production CHIANG MAI SOLAR offers HEAT PUMP to meet your hot water needs. And it can be completely optimized when connected to a SOLAR ELECTRIC SYSTEMS to power the electricity generated from solar energy.

Heat Pump uses the principle of heat transfer, which saves more cost than water heaters. Unlike electric heaters that convert electricity directly into thermal energy, Heat Pump uses the most environmentally friendly clean energy because it uses R 134a refrigerant, which is a refrigerant that does not pollute the environment.

Nowadays, more than 70% of the developed countries have turned to heat pumps instead of water heaters. They offer safety features from electric shock and no worries about electric leakage or shock while using hot water. Because hot water is produced from the central system In which the user does not directly touch the hot water with the appliance And also a cool air coming out Which can be used in conjunction with the cooling system.

Usually the heat pump system can be found in hotels, resorts, industrial factories, hospitals or private homes. The demand for hot water at a relatively constant temperature for consumption. Regularly It must be designed and installed by experienced engineers and staffs.


A heat pump is a set of devices that transfer heat by a compressor, low-temperature heat transfer from the heat source, to heat up. Then sent to the desired source with high heat by the Heat Sink, which uses the cooling cycle with heat. Which can be found in air conditioning systems that transfer the cold but use the heat from the machine to make hot water The cooling obtained from the heat pump is a by-product. Can be used with air conditioning systems Or mixed with Fresh air to cool.

In general, heat pumps can produce hot water up to 70 (<70 C)  degrees Celsius, depending on the type of refrigerant used. It can make hot water instead of using oil or natural gas to produce hot water. A heat pump is a system with a high coefficient of performance (COP), typically greater than 3 (attention only to heating), thus saving energy compared With the production of hot water using oil or natural gas boilers with a COP of approximately 0.75 – 0.95, in addition to heating water, the Heat Pump can also be used for heating air for drying, heating indoor air or Can reduce the humidity of the air.

Components of the HEAT PUMP SYSTEMS

According to the meaning of ARI (Air Condition and Refrigeration Institute), it consists of the following main equipment.

1. Condenser is responsible for cooling from the working fluid to the heat source.

2. Evaporator absorbs heat from the heat source.

3. Compressor serves to compress the vapor of the working substance to a higher temperature than the surrounding temperature.

4. Expansion Valve In the case of a small system, a capillary tube is used instead. It is responsible for reducing the pressure of the working fluid.

5. Accessories include water pump, control unit and pressure gauge. Temperature control and measuring unit Electrical control and measurement units

Maintaining a heat pump system is similar to an air conditioning system. This is done by cleaning the condenser, evaporator and cooling fins. For the most efficient heat transfer Generally use the wind. To eliminate dust due to the increasing problem with dust and regularly check the work.

Strong Tank

Components of the HEAT PUMP SYSTEMS

Hot Water Tank has an important function. To store and maintain the hot water temperature to meet the building needs. And to divide the water temperature level in case there are more than one tank

Calpak CL hot water tank, insulated body Able to store hot water from the heat pump manufacturing process and maintain the water temperature. When you want to use hot water the model of the hot water tank is available in sizes from 150 to 1000 liters, can be installed on the ground. Or the roof of the building If there is enough space for installation.

Technical information
  • All tanks are enamelled according to DIN 4753.
  • In each tank, the anti-corrosive protection is completed by 1 or 2 Magnesium anodes according to DIN 1243-2,2 that are installed under the top flange of the tanks, for easy access.
  • All the tanks have also a lateral flange of Ø 170 to allow easy cleaning.
  • All tank connections have female threads.
  • The insulation protection and the tank’s cover are made of PVC, they have a zip, and can be changed easily if necessary. Hard cover material can be also offered upon demand.
  • Calpak avails electric immersion heaters of 1,5–9 kW

Working Principle

The cooling and heating cycles are linked by the substance. It starts with the compressor, where the working fluid is compressed to increase the temperature and pressure. The working fluid is then distilled in the condenser (the working substance exerts heat to the water. Resulting in hot water) until a high-pressure liquid is obtained. After that, the pressure is reduced in the expansion valve until some of the working fluid is vaporized or ready to evaporate when heated by the heat source in the evaporator. The fan at the Evaporator or Condenser area, and energy may be consumed at the water pump for a system where the water tank is separate from the heat pump

The heat pump uses electrical energy of Alternating Current (AC) to operate, which we can connect to Solar Electric Systems that generate electricity from solar energy via Inverter that converts Direct current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC) So that the Heat Pump can work This enables savings of up to 75% on the costs associated with water systems.

Chiang mai Solar introduces Evoheat, a smart water heating system. At a price you can afford This will provide your home or business with low cost, fast and reliable hot water. Supports the production of hot water at the individual accommodation level. And commercial business With the Evo270 and EvoMax heat pump system

Heat Pump Suitable For Every Household

The Evo270 are heat pump systems that save up to 75% of the cost associated with hot water. Conventional water heaters account for 35% of the total energy bill and are a significant contributor to the carbon dioxide emissions in the home. This is due to the substance used in the heating system, which Evo270 uses R134a, a non-generating substance. pollution It can also heat up to 60 ° C even when outside freezing. It has a production capacity of 105 liters of hot water per hour.

High Temperature Hot Water Solutions For Industrial Sector

Evomax is the best solution for commercial hot water with a higher Coefficient of Performance; COP (COP) than traditional boilers. Environmentally friendly refrigerant technology High efficiency heat exchanger and circulating heating method. This makes it possible to deliver hot water up to 80 °, even when outside the temperature below -15 ° C, and allows users to save more than 66% of their annual heating costs.

In the future, you may need a HEART PUMP to be used in your home. Due to the fluctuation of the outside temperature Which affects the body Maintaining body temperature is also important. When we can control the temperature of the water used to bathe or can be used for constant consumption It will be good for you. For the commercial the forecast that hot water is sufficient to meet the needs of consumption is important that operators take into account. This will help full satisfaction of the service users very well. The heat pump system must be designed and installed by a professional engineer. And an experienced installation team for efficient work.