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Idea to install solar cells. With a mini size mattress to appease Solo Camping Adventure!

Main size mattress installed Solar cell Can be towed by bicycle or motorcycles.

Rösrath company in Germany Use the idea to create “Mody Bicycle Carava”, a camper mattress for overnight stays during private vacations. It is lightweight, allowing it to be towed by bicycle, electric bike or motorbike. Responding to solo camping adventures that have plagued specific groups continuously in the past 2020s is an environmentally conscious clean energy journey.

The interior Mody bicycle carava is designed to be connected to a 100 Watt solar power system comprising solar cells. It can generate electricity from solar energy. Equipped with a 2×3 V 300 Watt power station, 1×12 V power station and a USB charger socket. 12 V battery backup system provides space for the driver to take a nap. And rest And can be added to the installation of a folding kitchen, folding tables, chairs, and refrigerators to facilitate And once you’ve found the right destination Just open . A perfect place to enjoy your vacation.

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