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Australian universities Invent and create a new type of solar panel. Thin paper-like style

The development of new, foldable solar panels, because they are paper-like, can be print as a solar development by the University of Newcastle Centre of Organic Electronics in New South / Wales, Australia. It’s the face of solar development. Solar panels are usually large plates and are installed in a position where sunlight can be obtained. Make photovoltaics look paper-thin. This solar panel is 0.075 mm thick, created from printing using organic polymers in liquid form, like ink, and when printed, it generates electricity from solar energy capture.

Compare conventional solar cells that use silicone induction, which weighs 15 kg per square meter. The developers expect to print out about 100 pieces per day and the price of the panels will be around 10 AUD (300 THB) per square metre.

The interest of this print solar panel. According to Newcastle University physics professor Paul Dastoor, solar panels are lightweight, making them easy to carry. It can be converted to energy for street lights, water pumps, camping lights, or car energy conversion. And can be installed by attaching adhesive tape.

The new solar panel is made from PET plastic which is less rigid than the previous one. There will be a 2 year service life. From the original model that has a service life of 20 years, which is planned to develop in the future.

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