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Solar Water Heating Systems

“High efficiency solar water generation system to wash the body and use in the kitchen from forced circulation in the tank Through the accumulation of thermal energy With a thermal insulation system that keeps ticks at 80 ° C for several days.”

Solar Electric Systems

“Oelmaier Technology We are the leading importer of Solar Electric Systems with our experience and knowledge of solar systems that will help you use solar electric power efficiently and sustainably.”

Solar Pool Heating Systems

“The system to generate warm water at the incoming pool level solves the problem of unsuitable water temperature for swimming. By using solar energy, it is cost-effective and environmentally friendly for swimming pool heating.”

Battery Storage Systems

“A system that will allow you to store the electricity generated from the solar panel and retrieve it whenever needed. Even when unable to generate electricity or when the power goes out.”

Hydrogen Storage Systems

“Power generation system from separation of hydrogen and oxygen It can generate electricity for use in the absence of sunlight and not destroy the ecosystem. It is 100% secure and scalable.”

Solar Cooling Systems

“A system that converts heat from the sun into cooling for refrigeration and air conditioning. Through the cooling process that collects the sunlight To reduce and keep the temperature low.”

Solar Powered EV Charging Station

“Systems to support the use of solar energy for driving in daily life. Which is sustainable energy Instead of using fuel Which is wasted energy And is likely to be depleted in the future.”

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About Us

the only local manufacture of solar panels!

Chiang Mai Solar designs and installs solar-related systems such as Solar Electric Systems, Solar Water Heating, Solar Pool Heating and many more. Utilizing solar energy through Solar cells or a dedicated solar power receiver. To help save money in the long term and environmental friendly. By design and installation by a team of knowledgeable and capable and experienced This ensures that the system is designed to suit the size of your area. That you want to install Without any subsequent problems.

Located in Chiang Mai, the Oelmaier Technology company was founded by its Managing Director Mr. Uwe Konrad. The long established solar energy company has been providing a range of energy efficient solutions for applications ranging from Photovoltaic Grid Inverters for solar farms, solar roof systems and solar water heating systems and great environmental benefit.

Our Teams

OELMAIER Technology operates with a wide range of knowledgeable personnel and specialised expertise that is needed, including techniques that need to be properly analyzed and safety in operations. Under the supervision of long-standing engineers for the highest quality and efficiency.


OELMAIER Technology is pleased to introduce the Solar Pool Heating Systems solution for the swimming pool. Where every pool should have. Because it will help solve the problem of the water temperature that is not suitable for swimming. Work with a closed system from solar energy, which will save you the costs involved immediately.

SMA Solar Technology Inverter

Our product knowledge SMA Solar Technology Inverter will be helpful for installing an Inverter to Solar Electric Systems to help convert the power from Direct Current (DC) to Alternative Current (AC) for your home. Which can provide information, recommend or compare products in different sizes to help you decide which product is most suitable.

SOLAX Technology Battery

Knowledge of SOLAX Technology Battery products is another advantage of Chiang Mai Solar. We can provide accurate information for customers. It also introduces the product range for efficient energy storage and trouble-free later installation.overall amount of electricity of the house. If the size of the system is not suitable, it may be more wasteful than economical.


Chiang Mai Solar has the ability to repair equipment or defective materials in each model, which requires experience in the equipment. Under the supervision of knowledgeable engineers, to correct the on-the-spot and get the system back to work perfectly.