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High-performance heat pumps for pools, spas, hot water and space heating. Evo heat pumps are renowned for their outstanding efficiency as well as saving our customers money on their energy costs! Speak to us today for finding the perfect one for you.

Heat pump uses the principle of heat transfer which saves more cost than water heaters. Unlike electric heaters that directly convert electricity to thermal energy. Heat pump uses environmentally friendly refrigerant to produce hot water.

Nowadays, more than 70% of the developed countries have turned to heat pumps instead of water heaters. They offer safety from electric shock and no worries about electric leakage while using hot water. Because hot water is produced from the central system, user does not directly touch the appliance. And also cool air coming out which can be added into the cooling system.

The cooling and heating cycles are linked by the working fluid. It starts with the compressor, where the working fluid is compressed to increase the temperature and pressure. Then it distilled in the condenser (the working substance exerts heat to the water resulting hot water) until a high pressure liquid is obtained. After that, the pressure is reduced by the expansion valve having evaporating process when receive heat from evaporator. The evaporator fan, condenser fan, and the water pump are energy consume parts. And The household hot water cycle separate from the heat pump water cycle.

Usually, the heat pump system can be found in hotels, resorts, industrial factories, hospitals or private homes where demand constant temperature how water. Regularly, It must be designed and installed by experienced engineers and staffs.

Heat pumps can be integrated with the swimming pool system or installed individually to directly feed hot water into the pool. We recommend installing it separately because of the operating and maintenance factor.

” Heat pumps warm and cool your pool. “

Another advantage of heat pumps is not only to warm your swimming pool but on the other hand it can cool your swimming pool when you need to by reversing the system process.  Please consult a heat pump expert to find the right solution for you.



The award winning Evo Fusion-i heat pump is the ideal choice for recreational pool & spa owners looking to extend their swim season with minimal running costs. Designed with the latest technology including stepless full DC inverter compressors, fans, and control systems – the Evo Fusion-i is the energy efficient and environmentally friendly way to enjoy a longer swim season. With more features as standard, like the intelligent touch screen controller and built in timers, the Evo Fusion-i is the smarter alternative for those considering gas, solar thermal or electric element heating.
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The award winning Evo Force-i series heat pump is our high performance pool and spa inverter heat pump that provides year round pool heating with the lowest running costs. Designed with the latest stepless full DC inverter compressors, fans, and control systems – all working in perfect harmony to provide optimized heating and cooling with the lowest operating costs. With higher performances, lower noise levels, and more features as standard; the Evo Force-i is the most energy efficient & environmentally friendly year round pool heater available.
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The EVO CS & CS-GEN2 commercial heat pump is the most efficient way to heat a commercial pool regardless of size or location. EvoHeat offers 7 different CS heaters ranging from 38kW up to 200kW so choosing the heater that best suits your needs is simple! Our commercial heat pumps are ideal for sports and leisure centers, aquaculture, agriculture, water parks, hotels, resorts, apartments and office builds – there is no job in the field too big for the EVO CS & CS-GEN2 Series! A tried and trusted commercial pool heater that’s able to save businesses tens of thousands of dollars a year, you can expect innovative and intelligent commercial pool heating designed with forward thinking technology and high-end performance. EVO C.O.P.’s are backed up by verified test reports in audited test laboratories, and we back our equipment to outperform the competition
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