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An outdoor poolThe climate in northern Thailand is very pleasant during the winter season. But outdoor swimming pools are quite uncomfortable during the cold season, if not heated. An indoor pool has to be heated nearly all year round, even in the hot season. Heating of swimming pools is an ideal application for solar energy. Not very high temperatures are needed, but large quantities of water have to be heated, so it make sense to operate such an installation with a large flow rate at relatively low temperature level. OKU panels are used to cover large areas to produces optimum efficiency.
Different application of Solar Pool Heating Panels
Pool Heating Panels
Pool Heating System
Pool Heating System
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The Pool Heating Panels

TüV tested OKU solar absorbers of high molecular polyethylene offer the right foundation for operating such installations. OKU solar absorbers have been developed in 1975 during the first oil crisis and in production since 1977. To be since 35 years in the marked is the best proof of the OKU quality. In the meantime OKU solar absorbers are delivered all over the world.
OKU 1000 pool panel Item No. 1000

with integrated collecting pipe dia. 40 mm and two couplings dia. 25 mm.

Length 1320 mm
Width 820 mm
Area 1.08 m²
OKU 1001 pool panel Item No. 1001

with four couplings
dia. 25 mm.

Length 1280 mm
Width 820 mm
Area 1.05 m²
OKU 1002 pool panel Item No. 1002

with two integrated collecting pipe
dia. 40 mm.

Length 1360 mm
Width 820 mm
Area 1.12 m²
Low pressure drop, approx. 0.003 bar at 200 l/h/m²
Flow rate 150 to 250 l/m²/h
Molded in one piece, homogeneous black
Weight approx. 6 kg/m², water content 6 l/m²
Testing pressure 4.5 bar at NT
Working pressure up to 1.2 bar - 40°C
Efficiency up to approx. 80% - power up to 0.8 kWh/m²
Average value 0.5 to 0.6 kWh/m²
Non-corroding, resistant to swimming-pool water chemicals
Pool water pumped direct through absorber
Idling proof
Temperature resistant from -50 to + 115°C
Full area through ascendable, supports human weight
Modular assembly system, easy to install


Operation with Filter Pump or with Separate Pump

poolpanel system configuration diagram For large pools, the filter pump is operated all day long. Therefore it make sense to connect the solar absorbers to the filter pump and run all filtered water to the solar absorber.

For small pools and also to save energy the filter may operates only for limited periods during the day, while the water heating should circulate whenever the sun shines. Here the water is pumped through the absorbers by an auxiliary circulation pump.
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Size of Pool Heating System

pool panel area information The recommended absorber area is about 50% of the pool surface area. If the pool is covered during night, it may need only 30% of the pool surface area. A temperature increase of about 4 - 7°C compared to unheated swimming pools can be reached.
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Pool Heating Accessories and Options

OKU Obermaier in Germany offers a range of accessories and control equipment. To keep the transportation and importation cost low it is recommended to select carefully which options are really needed and which can may be replaced by parts locally available in Thailand. It makes not much sense to import PVC water pipes from Germany.
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pdf download
OKU Brochure - Solar Heating for swimming pool(OKU Brochure_ENG_download.pdf)

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OKU - Solar Heating for Swimming Pools, Instruction for installation and operating(Install manual_ENG_download.pdf)

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OKU -Schwimmbadsolaranlagen Montage- und Betriebsanleitung(Montageanleitung_download.pdf)

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