New Agent in Pai

Saeng Thong Aram in Pai SAENGTHONG ARAM
Pai / Mae Hong Son
The SAENGTHONG ARAM Construction Shop is the new agent for CHIANG MAI SOLAR in Pai (Mae Hong Son).

Located at Pai's main market at the Khet Khelang Road (Wiangtai), the outlet has a prime location to make solar energy available for the people in Pai. Especially with focus on the cold but sunny winter climate solar hot water is the perfect and economical solution for the many luxury private residences, Resorts and Hotels in the area.

SAENGTHONG ARAM has a Demo Unit on display to inform customers about the different systems for the domestic and hospi-tality sector, as well as for pool heating.
Saengthong Aram location and map


Green Shop Opens

Saeng Thong Aram in Pai ENGINEO�s GREEN SHOP
opening/show room
Chiang Mai
ENGINEO opens it's GREEN SHOP, the largest Solar Shop in Chiang Mai at Changpuak Road (opposite the Bangkok Bank).

The GREEN SHOP offers the whole range of energy efficient and renewable energy products including solar panels, wind tur-bines, LED traffic lights, LED garden lamps and solar water heating systems from CHIANG MAI SOLAR.

PV systems are designed by a team of Engineo engineers to comply with industry standards. All solar panels meet IEC 61215 specifications and pass SGS inspection.

A Grid-Inverter from OELMAIER TECHNOLOGY is also on display in the GREEN SHOP.


Pool Heating Panels from OKU-Obermaier

Saeng Thong Aram in Pai POOL HEATING
Chiang Mai
OKU solar absorbers made of high molecular polyethylene offer an inexhaustible source of free energy. Different from absorbers made of metal, OKU absorbers are resistant against chemicals like chloride and salt used in most pools.

Since 1977 the Obermaier GmbH in Germany have manufactured and delivered the OKU Solar absorbers all over the globe. Now they are available for the first time in Northern Thailand from Chiang Mai Solar.
More about Solar Pool Heaters


Honeymoon Resort goes Solar

Saeng Thong Aram in Pai HONEYMOON RESORT
Soppong / Mae Hong Son
For the British investor Philip Paxman and his co-partner and site owner Kanlaya a dream came true. He invested in innovative green energy and energy saving for his new luxury resort at Tham Lod.

Kanlaya's Eyrie

Interview with Philip & Kanlaya P & K "In Engand we own and manage one of the top ten Wedding Venues, nearly 200 weddings a year. And guess where they all want to go on Honeymoon the next day? Thailand of course, but...
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Interview with Mr. Paxman


The largest single-part Solar Absorber in Town

Saeng Thong Aram in Pai GIANT ABSORBER
during installation
Saraphee / Chiang Mai
The photo shows the 22 m² solar absorber, the largest ever built by CHIANG MAI SOLAR. The giant absorber is part of the ingeniously contoured swimming pool roof. Ordered by the famous Luxembourgish artist and sculptor Alex Gilbert, the wave formed solar roof is part of an arrangement of two vinyl roofs covering the total pool area. The copper based heat absorber is meanwhile hidden between the different transparent layers of the roof. The water in the absorber heats up to about 60°C and feeds the shaded pool in a circulation system to about 30°C, depending on weather conditions.

Chiang Mai Solar is the only regional manufacturer of solar thermal absorbers in the North of Thailand.


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Our retired Experts, working on a voluntary basis, are highly motivated and have extensive professional experience in almost every technical and economic field.

Senior Experts transmit their long-standing experience and skill for the benefit of international cooperation.
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