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Customer's Sites

Pa Daet, Chiang Mai

Lanna Pinery, Hang Dong

Rati Lanna Riverside, Chiang Mai

Ban Wang Tan, Hang Dong

During Installation

Flat Panel installation at Mae Rim

Roof mounting parts installation

Flat Panel installation at Tak

Tank installation at San Patong

Flat Panel Production

Copper Absorber Fin welding

Absorber surface structure

Absorber collector pipe welding

Panel assembly

Alex�s Solar Pool Heating

Installation of copper fin

22m� solar water heater

Largest ever built by CMS

Ingeniously contoured pool roof

Heat Pipes at Honeymoon Resort

Honeymoon Resort at Tam Lod

60 Heat Pipes solar system

Forced circulation system

1100 liters capacity

New Agent in Pai, Saeng Thong Aram

Saeng Thong Aram shop

Staff training

Presentation of show unit

Sample unit at Saeng Thong Aram


GREEN SHOP opening

The monks blessing

Solar water heater on display

Engineers and Service staff

Pool Heating Panels from OKU-Obermaier

Heated pool at San Sai

Absorber panel installation

Roof installation near pool

Absorber panel on guest house

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Newly installed systems

More solar systems

More customer�s Sites

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